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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Modobag Is A Drivable Suitcase Worthy Of Your Attention

Having traveled quite a lot in my life, I know that airports around the world can be a pain to navigate. To walk for 40 minutes to get to your gate is not something that is enjoyable. The moving walkways help, but they are in no way or form the ultimate solution. I think it was about time that someone took the problem seriously and did a bit of innovation. How about a drivable suitcase? Would that tickle your fancy? There is one, and it is called Modobag!
With nothing like it on the market (sort of), the Modobag is a feat of engineering. Capable of 8 mph and with a battery distance of around 5 miles, this is truly a brilliant technology. The mechanics of the Modobag only take up 15% of the inside of the suitcase. This was something that was a priority as a bag has to remain a usable suitcase if the concept should work at all.
When you watch the video, you see why this is an instant success. The ability to effortlessly take yourself from check-in to gate on a drivable suitcase is unbeatable.
 As the video says, the smiles of the people using it say it all.
The project is currently in kickstarter mode, and you can get more information on their IndieGoGo page. With 15 days to go, the project has already reached its funding goal many times over. Early bird price for the Modobag is $995.00, and once it hits the market, it will go up to $1,199.00. It is still a great price for a bag that you can drive, don’t you think?
It’s already a huge success, so when it is finally on the market, you can expect to constantly see these bags at the airports around the world. Not only is it practical but it also looks like a lot of fun. Like I always say, you are never too old to be young. Source Bitrebels.

Modobag – World’s First Drivable Suitcase

Modobag First Drivable Suitcase
Modobag First Drivable Suitcase
Modobag First Drivable Suitcase

Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie

Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie
This Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie is what all Starfleet cadets are wearing this year. You can choose from Blue (Science), Red (Command), or Gold (Operations).
It features a chenille combadge patch on the chest and the jersey hood buttons into the neck for easy removal. Attend Starfleet school in style.

Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie
  • Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive
  • Choose Blue (Science), Red (Command), or Gold (Operations)
  • Chenille combadge patch on chest (nonfunctioning – sorry!)
  • Chenille “Starfleet” patch on back
  • Starfleet Command patch on right arm
  • 7 snaps up the front
  • 2 pockets on outside + 1 interior pocket
  • Striped and ribbed cuffs, waist, and neck
  • Jersey hood buttons into neck for easy removal
  • Materials: 55% wool / 45% viscose body, 65% PU / 35% viscose sleeve, 100% polyester lining
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

Only $69.99 from Source Geekalerts.

Fisherman Hides Massive 34KG Pearl For Ten Years

An unnamed fisherman found this 34kg pearl worth $100 million ten years ago and he kept it under his bed as a good luck charm. The man had no clue that his pearl was worth. When his house burned down earlier this year a Filipino tourist officer saw the pearl and he was stunned. It's said that the pearl could possibly be the largest in the world. Source Damncoolpictures

Ztylus Is The Coolest iPhone 6 Camera Case In Existence

We have checked out an almost endless amount of smartphone cases here on Bit Rebels. Many of them camera cases which only purpose is to increase your creativity and the quality of your photos. Most of them are good, but there is always something missing. I am always left wanting more from a case, and that is a non-fulfilling feeling. That might now be over, and all of us who enjoy smartphone photography can breathe again. Let me present the Ztylus, the world’s coolest and most feature-packed iPhone 6 camera case in existence.
Some of you may scream and shout saying it’s not new at all. You are right! As a matter of fact, it’s almost a year old. However, the company behind them continually innovates and presents new models. So, this article is somewhat of a reminder that this awesome technology exists.
I am almost inclined to say that I would buy it solely because of the look of it. It’s gorgeous, and when you add the features to the list, then the Ztylus is truly the coolest iPhone 6 camera case on the market. If you can point out any other camera cases that can go up against this one, then challenge me. I would love to hear what you can come up with.
It’s been called the Swiss army knife of smartphone cases and it uses a disk mount system that makes it infinitely easy to switch out the features on it. The case starts at $29.00, and the revolving camera lens costs $79.00. The amount of usability and features you get for these prices is just amazing.
If you are thinking about upgrading your smartphone camera, then have a look at the Ztylus. I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. It’s simply amazing! When you upgrade your smartphone case, for your iPhone 6 in this case, you will also improve the quality of your photos. To me, that is an unbeatable combination. Source Bitrebels.

Ztylus – The Swiss Army Knife Of Smartphone Cases

Ztylus iPhone 6 Camera Case
Ztylus iPhone 6 Camera Case
Ztylus iPhone 6 Camera Case
Ztylus iPhone 6 Camera Case
Ztylus iPhone 6 Camera Case

Pokémon Stereo Headphones

Pokémon Stereo Headphones
These Pokémon Stereo Headphones are perfect for kids who are trying to catch them all. They even come with a volume limiter for parents.
The Poké ball decorations on the ears are a nice touch. They make a great gift.
Pokémon Stereo Headphones
  • Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise
  • Wired Pokémon headphones for kids
  • Come with a volume limiter for parents
  • Adjustable headband (for smaller heads)
  • Dimensional Poké ball decorations
  • Soft, leatherette ear cushions
  • Connection: Standard 3.5mm headphone audio plug
  • Dimensions: Ear cushions are 2 1/2″ wide x 3″ tall, 40″ cable
  • Weight: 3 oz.
Only $29.99 from Source Geekalerts.

Monday, August 22, 2016

New 3D Printing Technology Can Make Anything You Want

Not too long ago 3D printing was only a science fiction dream. As a matter of fact, when I started Bit Rebels 7 years ago the technology did hardly exist at all. Now everyone is using it, and it’s getting more advanced for each day that passes by. 3D printing is changing a lot of industries and continues to change lives all over the world. The latest in 3D printing is somewhat of an exciting progression. When Disney combined 3D printing with vacuum forming a new type of 3D printing technology was born.

The new technology is called Computational Thermoforming and is capable of printing almost anything your mind can conjure up. The new algorithm combined with computer imaging, both developed by Disney researchers, are capable of producing incredibly detailed and complex 3D printed objects.
Each mold is computer controlled and can match the 3D object created on a computer down to the finest detail. Even though I don’t know how the technology works exactly, it looks like the technology uses thin rods (possibly air) that match the elevation of the 3D model exactly. This creates a fine-detailed mold over which the heated plastic can be formed.
The technology is a step closer to instant 3D printing technology. It could even pave the way for more sophisticated and creative 3D prints in the future. For now, the final prints are hollow. This is something that ordinary 3D printing does not have to battle with. But then again, this new 3D printing technology is in its infancy and could become superior to any other 3D printing technology real fast.
There is no doubt in my mind that 3D printing is the way of the future and that we are going to be surrounded by services using 3D printing as a delivery method. Food, material things, everything! When that finally happens is really anyone’s guess. But, when you look at the progression that 3D printing has had over the last few years it’s quite evident that the technology is here to stay. Source Bitrebels.

Presenting Disney’s New 3D Printing Technology

New 3D Printing Technology
New 3D Printing Technology




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